Stainless Steel Fabrications

  • Nearly 20 years' experience.
  • Specialists in fabrication for food processing.
  • Design, manufacture, installation and maintenance.
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PB Fabrication Steel Measuring

Based in Doncaster, PB Site Fabrication offer leading stainless steel fabrication services, easily accessible from Leeds, Sheffield and York. With nearly 20 years’ experience as a stainless steel fabrication company, PB Site Fabrication specialise in providing bespoke fabrications for the catering and food processing industry, including worktops, kitchen units and conveyors.

As stainless steel fabricators based in the UK, all our stainless steel metal fabrication is completed in-house to the highest standard, using only the best quality tools and materials. Providing bespoke stainless steel solutions for the food processing industry, all our products are specially designed with hygiene in mind, ideal for food preparation areas. Using nearly 2 decades of experience in the steel fabrication industry, we offer customers the highest quality stainless steel fabrications at competitive prices. Working in all sectors of the food processing and catering industries, read more about some of the products PB Site Fabrication offer.

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Stainless Steel Manufacturers

From initial design through to the manufacturing and installation of stainless steel products, at PB Site Fabrication, our made to measure products are designed to meet your exact design specifications. As one of the leading materials for commercial applications, stainless steel is ideal for use in the catering industry. One of the most important benefits of using stainless steel in food processing environments is the material’s many hygienic benefits.

Because it resists stains and corrosion, and is easily cleaned and sterilised, stainless steel is ideal for hygiene-conscious environments for preparing, cooking and serving food. Stainless steel is also a durable, high strength material, with different grades maintaining their high strength at extremely hot or extremely cold temperatures, perfect for working with food products. Read more about our stainless steel catering and food processing equipment, and bespoke fabrications. Contact us using the enquiry form below to discuss our stainless steel fabrication services.

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PB Fabrication Steel Balustrades & Staircases

Mild Steel

PB Site Fabrication are also expert mild steel manufacturers, fabricating, manufacturing and installing a variety of mild steel products throughout Yorkshire. We're proud to be Safe Contractor Approved and hold a BS EN 1090 Certification, ensuring we provide high quality fabrication and installation services.

Mild steel is one of the most common high volume steel manufactured in the fabrication industry, to manufacture a wide range of steel products. The material is also a much more cost effective alternative to stainless steel, often used when large amounts of steel is needed for a product. Mild steel has a range of properties and features that make it stand out from stainless steel. Unlike stainless steel, mild steel is magnetic, which has the material see extensive use in motors and electrical appliances. It’s also more ductile and weldable than many other steels.

As well as being more malleable, mild steel is also less brittle than other forms of steel and can be further strengthened through the addition of carbon. Mild steel is less corrosion resistant than stainless steel and needs to be treated, but comes with a range of different properties, beneficial to a wide range of products. Some of our mild steel products include:

  • Gantries & Walkways
  • Litter Screens for the waste industry
  • Tanks
  • Balustrades & Staircases
  • Vessels
  • Industrial steel products
  • Pipe work
  • Architectural steel products
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On Site Work

PB Site Fabrication offer full on site fabrication services throughout Yorkshire. Specialising in manufacturing steel products for the food processing industry, our full mobile equipment allows for on site maintenance, fitting and welding of our stainless steel and mild steel products.

We manufacture a range of made to measure steel products, including food safe worktops and conveyors for the catering and food processing industries. All our bespoke steel products are designed and manufactured in house, with professional on site welding and fitting ensuring all our products are manufactured and installed to your exact specifications and needs.

Our full mobile equipment also allows for on site maintenance and installation of steel products. At PB Site Fabrication, we arrive on site and provide full repairs to any of your steel equipment. Being able to carry out work on site minimises any disruption caused to your business, eliminating any time spent removing and transporting the equipment to a workshop off site. Contact us for more information on our on site fabrication, welding and maintenance services.

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